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If you are considering applying for a mobile phone contract with EE you should be aware that they are required by law to check your credit report before approving your application. However, the good news is people who have applied for a mobile phone contract with EE with a bad credit rating has been approved. So, if you are someone who does not have the best credit and want to sign a mobile phone contract with EE you should. Just keep the tips that have been listed below in mind when doing so.

Avoid High Price Handsets
Applying for high priced handsets is never a good idea for someone to do when they have bad credit. Instead when first applying, to improve your chances of being approved, you are going to want to go for the lower priced handsets. Higher priced handsets make you a higher liability for the company because the price of the handset is high and you are already known for not taking care of your financial obligations. So, the cheaper the handset that you are applying for is the better.

Be honest
Obviously, when you go to apply with EE they are going to be checking your credit rating. However, it never hurts to explain to them why your credit got in the state that it is as well as what you are doing to improve your credit. Be sure to include how you have already started taking action to fix your credit and assure them that you are not going to let their payments go into default.

Overall, if you are honest when applying for your mobile phone contract with EE with a bad credit rating and avoid high priced handsets and plans you have a very good chance of being approved. Good luck to you!