Getting a mobile phone contract on the HTC One X with a low or poor credit score is something that is not going to be the easiest thing in the world yet it is not something that is impossible either. There are a few ways that you can manage to get the phone contract and the phone that you want regardless of your credit rating, and this article is going to explain how.

Pay a Deposit
If your credit history is bad and you feel as though a contract on the HTC One X is something that you must have offer to pay the company a deposit. This way you can show them that you are going to be serious about making your payments on time even though you may not have the ideal credit that they are looking for. Many companies are more than willing to work with a customer who has bad credit if they are offering to put down a deposit of a certain amount of money.

Get a Co-Signer
If you are someone who has really bad credit it can be good for you to have a co-signer available when you go to apply for a phone contract. However, when deciding who you are going to pick to be your co-signer you need to make sure that they have good to excellent credit. If they have bad credit also you are not going to be increasing your chances of being approved.

Getting a mobile phone contract on the HTC One X with a bad credit rating is something that is achievable. However, you just have to make sure that you go about applying in a different way than someone with good or excellent credit would by applying directly with those networks that have the best acceptance rates.