iPhone 4S

If you have your eye on the iPhone 4S but have bad finance record you will be pleased to know that there is hope for you being able to get a contract. With the way the economy is these days it is not uncommon for individuals to have less than perfect credit. So, bad credit should not stop you from applying for a phone contract on the iPhone 4S. When you do, however, you are going to want to make sure that you keep the following tips in mind.

Be Honest About Your Credit Situation
When applying for a mobile phone contract the retailer/network may ask you up front about your credit rating before they run the credit check. You should be honest and let them know from the very beginning that your credit rating is not at its best and let them know how you found yourself in the situation. Even if they do not ask you when you are applying you should come out and let them know. This shows them that you are an honest person who is trying to make amends.

Go With a Low Monthly Contract
If going with an older model of the iPhone is not an option for you it can be in your best interest to go for a low monthly contract. Once you have established yourself with the network you can then go back and try to upgrade to a contract with more features. However, when first starting out it is best to be as less of a liability to them as possible to increase your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract on the iPhone 4S with a bad credit rating.

Following these two tips provided above will give you the best chance of being approved for a mobile phone contract on the iPhone 4S.