iPhone 5

When applying for a mobile phone contract that provider is going to run your credit rating. However, everyone who has iPhone 5’s is surely not individuals who have perfect credit. Not to mention the fact that currently there are no mobile phone companies that have contracts specifically available for people who have bad credit. So, what do you do when you want a mobile phone contract on the iPhone 5 with bad credit rating? The answer is pretty simple and this article is going to provide you with a few tips.

Apply With T Mobile or Orange
Many individuals are not aware that mobile phone contract companies all have different criteria’s when it comes to what they are looking for when they pull your credit rating. Some companies may decline you while other companies have no problem approving you. Currently, the companies who have the highest approval rates are T Mobile and Orange. So, when you are trying to have the best chance of being approved for a mobile phone contract on the iPhone 5 with a bad credit rating it is best for you to apply with one of these companies.

Apply Directly With the Company
It can be tempting to go apply with third party retailers because they always seem to have some type of promotion taking place. However, when your credit is not in the best standings it is best to apply directly with the company. Third party retailers are more likely to reject you because you would cause them to lose out on major money if you were to default on your contract. So, going directly to the mobile phone contract company is in your best interest. They do not have to pay the additional fees like third party retailers do.

Follow these two tips provided and you will have a mobile contract on the iPhone 5 with a bad credit rating in no time.