Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Being rejected for something just because of your credit rating is something that does not feel good at all. This is why many people are scared to apply for a mobile contract on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a bad credit rating. However, the truth of the matter is there is nothing to be afraid of at all when applying for your mobile contracts because there are ways to be approved even with bad credit. Follow the tips listed below to have the best chance of being approved for a mobile contract on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a bad credit rating.

Go for a low monthly contract
Going for a low monthly contract is one of the ways to show mobile phone companies that you are not trying to be a liability for their company. Once you have gained your trust and paid off some of your outstanding debts you can then upgrade your contract so you can have more features. However, make sure you pick a plan that is going to be within your budget so you do not risk going into default and having your credit rating affected negatively.

Pay a Deposit
If you know your credit is not good when applying for a mobile contract offer to pay the company a deposit. Paying a deposit should help them consider that you are serious about paying your bills on time. However, the size of the deposit that you are going to have to pay is going to depend on just how bad your credit is. Some people have ended up paying a deposit of up to $1000 just so they could be approved for a mobile phone contract. To have the possibility of paying the lowest deposit amount possible it is suggested for you to consider applying with a carrier such as T Mobile or Orange.