Applying for a mobile phone contract with T-mobile with a low credit score is something that can be done. However, you are going to have to have your credit checked to even be considered with them. So, if your credit rating is not at its best you will want to keep in mind the tips that are listed below to have the best chance of being approved.

Go with older cheaper handsets
When you are deciding which handset you want to apply for it is best to go with the older and cheaper handsets to have the best chance of being approved with your bad credit rating. This is because if you were to go with one of the newer and higher priced handsets you would be a liability for the company. So, to insure that you are a lower liability for them it is best to go with old and cheap handsets.

Leave a Deposit
When applying for a mobile contract with T-mobile with a bad credit rating leaving a deposit can be the way to get around your credit rating. Deposit amounts are going to vary, however, depending on just how bad your credit rating is. However, it does show T-mobile that you are someone who is serious about taking care of your financial obligations.

Check your credit before hand
Before applying with T-mobile make sure you check your credit report beforehand so you can know exactly what it is that they are going to find on your credit. If you find any inaccuracies dispute them before going to apply and also come up with some type of payment plan for the outstanding balances you may have that are negatively affecting your rating.

These three tips will help you increase your chances of being approved for a mobile contract with T-mobile with a bad credit rating.